We Do Custom Smoke !!!

Bring Your Own Meat!!  
We'll Smoke it for you.

$ 2.20 per pound
$2.85 per pound for smoke & sliced
$3.00 per pound for smoke & chopped
$3.50 per pound for custom special meat smoke
$2.40 per pound for chicken leg quarter smoke
  Regarding Custom Meat Smoke

Please keep it in mind:

We need
  • at least 2 business days to cook meat : brisket, pork
    shoulder, something similar
  • at least 24 hours to cook most of meat such as
    sausage, pork rib, chicken(whole or leg quarters, etc.)

We do NOT take any FROZEN mean. It is
customer's responsibility to thaw meat.

For the large amount we'll need 48 to 72 hours.

We have a full right to refuse custom meat
smoke if meat is not a good condition or is not
appropriate to custom smoke.

For special holidays, there are specific
days/dates to drop off or pick up the custom
smoked meat. It is on a first come & first serve
basis. Space is limited.

Thank you very much for your business!!